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What’s on

  • The DCONex Trade Fair and Congress for Hazardous Substances Management will take place from 30 to 31 January 2019 at Messe Essen, Germany. Its focus is on the responsible identification, assessment and management of hazardous substances in buildings, soils and the entire environment. Further key aspects of the Fair include occupational safety and prevention.

Standards and regulations

  • Even though provisions regarding waste management on construction sites, particularly demolition sites, have already been in force since 1 January 2011, when the Vienna Waste Management Act was amended (sections 10a and 10b), they are not always fully considered in practice. According to section 10a of the above Act, in defined cases specific waste management plans have to be drawn up for building sites, and according to section 10b, in the case of the (partial) demolition of buildings with a gross closed-in space of more than 5 000 m3, at first an inspection for hazardous substances has to be carried out.

  • The Austrian ÖNORM S 5730 standard provides the basis for such inspections (see below). Both regulations address building owners or contractors, respectively.
    The publication on 15 October 2009 of the Austrian ÖNORM S 5730 (Investigation of constructions on pollutants and other injurious factors) met with great interest outside Austria as well. As no regulations to this effect had previously existed at European or international levels, the ISO committee in charge decided to use this ÖNORM standard as the basis for an international, and also European, standard. The resulting EN ISO 16000, Part 32 (Indoor air. Investigation of buildings for pollutants and other injurious factors. Inspections) now is at the commenting and voting stage.
    Mr Kropiunik, aetas’s Managing Director, heads the respective committees of both the Austrian Standards Institute and the International Organization for Standardization.

  • September 2011 saw the publication of VDI technical rule 3877, Sheet 1: Indoor air pollution “Measurement of fibrous dust settled on surfaces“ Sampling and analysis (SEM/EDXA).
    It is the first standard worldwide on sampling and analysis of dust specimens with regard to fibres such as asbestos or mineral fibres. At present, a committee of international experts is preparing Sheet 2 on measurement of fibrous dust settled on surfaces, sampling strategies and assessment of results.